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Kinder an der Regnitz








Julia, Anna & Marie


“Children love Bamberg. Bamberg looks like a city straight out of a picture book, and kids feel right at home here.”

Being a child in Bamberg offers great independence and freedom. Going to school on foot, by bike to play soccer, or by bus to music lessons; distances in Bamberg are short and school-age children can manage them without problems. Families appreciate their children’s freedom of movement and - following a nationwide trend - are relocating into cities with such accessibility. Bamberg has a lot to offer to both children and their parents: care for youngsters from toddlers through those of high school age … the young-people’s theater in the Altenburg castle … guided tours with “Sams” (a figure from a famous German children’s book) …. Adventure playgrounds and skating areas, and plenty of beautiful natural scenery. Where else can you search for shells in the heart of the city?




Stadt Bamberg
Maximiliansplatz 3
96047 Bamberg


Telefon: 0951 87-1313
Fax: 0951 87-1911


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